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Marble Grain Transfer Film-s583 Huang Jinlong
Marble Grain Transfer Film-s583 Huang Jinlong

Marble Grain Transfer Film is a kind of printed on a variety of patterns and under certain conditions can be transferred to another material special film.
Marble Grain Transfer Printing film product structure: 1. Pet film 2. Free Layer 3 pattern layer (optional) 4. Back layer (according to material and process selection)...

Marble Grain Transfer Printing film

     Marble Grain Transfer Printing filmIt is a special film which can be transferred to another material under certain conditions.Mainly used in PVC foam board, UV crystal slabs, PVC plastic lines and other decorative materials.

      Marble Grain Transfer Printing filmIt is made of pet film with wood grain decorative layer on the backing plate. The surface is coated with protective layer, background layer, delamination layer and hot melt adhesive layer. By heating the high temperature silicon roll, the temperature and pressure are applied on the transfer foil, so that the decorative wood grain printing layer, surface protection layer, the formation of the transfer layer and polyethylene separation, transfer to the surface of wood-based panels or furniture components above, it formed a decorative surface graphics, and make its surface with wear-resistant, heat-resistant, light and other excellent performance, the pattern of novel beautiful, Tonal stability is a widely used decorative material.

One,Marble patternTransfer filmProduct structure


1.Pet Film 2.Off-Layer 3.Pattern layer (optional) 4.Back adhesive layer (according to material and process selection)

Two,Marble patternTransfer filmUse process

Thermal transfer


Cold Transfer Printing

Transfer Energy




Transfer time




Transfer Adhesive



Wet glue

Processing requirements

The aluminum plate before the transfer printing needs to preheat to180~200℃

After the glue is done, tear the film

After the glue is done, tear the film

Scope of application

Aluminum sheet CoatingPUPolyester Paint, Aluminum sheetPVCMembrane、MDFAcrylic、PSPVCBoard

Cement Fiberboard, Calcium Silicate board, gypsum board, ceramics, etc.

Paper, cardboard, corrugated,PS

Threelong distance storage

1. rolls of film in the transport and storage process, please keep the vertical light, do not collide.

2. rolls of film are kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place. The temperature is below 40 C, and the humidity is below 60.

3. the shelf life of the products under the above conditions is half a year.

Four, Special hints

1. as this product is a transfer film, the coating layer is easy to fall off. Please pay attention to the vertical and not collision when transporting, and pay attention to the climate conditions in storage.

2. due to the different process of the transfer of the base material, please make full test before use. Please contact the Technology Department of our company if you have any questions.

3. as a result of different customer requirements, if you want to be processed on the transfer layer after the transfer, please do a good job of testing, if any, please contact the Technology Department of the company.

4. in the use of this product, please refer to the above process, if the conditions can not reach the company's technical department contact, in good faith for your company to provide technical support and service.

Five, Special products

1. fast HD stone: fast reaching high level 8 rare stone products

2. fast: fast achieve high-definition HD wood wood products level 8 rare

3. 3D: 3D products with stereo stereo effect Xuandong changing

4. crystal: the crystal effect product with glint

5. silver flash / Pearl / color: having different effect flash products.

6. wash aluminum / laser: products with local aluminum plating or laser effect

7. matte metal: a multi effect antique metal product visual effects

8. part: according to the matte design can choose local high or matte products

9. concave and convex effect: the product with concave and convex vision and the effect of hand feeling after transfer

10. free paint: a high performance protective layer (wear resistant, scraping and solvent resistance)

Complex ofMarble Grain Transfer Printing filmThe composition includes the pet base film, the free layer, the protective layer, the ink layer, the coloring layer (including the curing agent) aluminized layer, the aluminum layer, the back glue layer and so on. Generally used gravure printing, can also be used in screen printing, rotary printing or a variety of printing process combination. Hot stamping with good adhesion, strong cover, wear-resistant, good drying characteristics. Widely used in plastic products of the plane, surface, cylindrical surface, on the cone surface, multi-color printing can be completed at one time, less process, high efficiency, low cost, and no environmental pollution, but also can be combined with laser and aluminum effect, is a creative innovation in printing, Dongguan Zhuo Art Printing Products Co., Ltd. for more than 20 years to focus on the development and production of transfer film , to provide our customers with the whole transfer printing solutions, welcome new and old customers to the factory to negotiate ~

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