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What is a paint-free transfer film? How should it be applied?
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What isPaint-free transfer film? What isSun-resistant Transfer printing film

        Paint-free transfer filmandSun-resistant Transfer printing filmA transfer film with high performance protective layer can be divided into thermal transfer, cold transfer and printing according to different processes.UVTransfer of different types.


Paint-free transfer filmProduct Features

1. This product with high performanceUVProtective layer, to meet the requirements of abrasion resistance and scraping solvent.

2. This product is suitable for a variety of substrates of different transfer printing process, but also for a variety of different processing requirements.

3. This product does not need to paint after transfer, reduce the processing process and cost savings.

4. The sun-resistant products are developed by the company and have a national invention patent new products

Paint-free transfer filmandSun-resistant Transfer printing filmProduct performance

1. After transfer printing, the film thickness is high (15um~25um

2. Coating hardness after transfer printing(≥H)

3. Solvent resistant (butanone) 100 times (1KG)

4. Wear resistance up to 300 rpm

5. After the transfer of gloss: ≥90 (heat transfer substrate for coated paper)

6. This product ink resistance to up to 8 level.

Paint-free transfer filmandSun-resistant Transfer printing filmScope of application

1. Applicable technology: Heat transfer printing,UVTransfer printing, cold transfer

2. Application scope:

Cement Fiberboard, calcium Silicate board, glass Magnesium Board, gypsum board, ceramics, glass.

②mdf density board, acrylic, PVC, PS foam plate.

coating surfaces of metallic materials such as aluminum, steel and iron.

④ paper, cardboard, corrugated materials

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