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PVC, glass transfer film and ceramic transfer film technology and applications.
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PVC,Glass Transfer FilmandCeramic transfer FilmProcess and application.

PVC,Glass Transfer FilmandCeramic transfer FilmProduct Classification

Glass Transfer FilmandCeramic transfer FilmFlat paste type is semi-soft and hard

WillPVCThe special white latex is evenly coated on the MDF or particleboard, and the manual or SMT machine is used toPVCPippin the whole place on the board, glued to the glue. Paste LightPVCIn order to prevent through, the general manufacturers need to add a suitable amount of shelter in white latex;0.10mm~0.25mm, Width is1260mm, oil is in the summer22~24PHR, Winter in26~28PHRAbout。                                                       

Wood grain Products: surface layer extinction Film (COM3+Printing Bottom (Pcy     

Monochrome Products: surface layer (BCL+Underlying(BCL 1Raw materials should be stable and high quality.2The processing process should be stable.3The finished product should be inspected.


1) Color: Easy to appear in batches of chromatic aberration and batch chromatic aberration

A.Color difference control of wood grain products:

How to control the color difference in batches: 

A.Stable ink (from the Big World of Taiwan) (impermeable ink)

b.Solvent Viscosity (15Minute ink Detection

C.Keep samples for every batch. Regular (half-yearly) replacement of standard samples

D.Per printing1000mWhenQCwill be left for comparison.(Ink to stir, can be uniform)

E.com3andPcyThe color of incoming materials in batches should be stable.

F.Ink for each batch of incoming inspection to strengthen.

How to control batch chromatic aberration: 

A.Standard version of Retention samples, regular (half-yearly) replacement of the standard sample

b.Scraping version of the sample and contrast

C.All staff Quality insurance (QC) Follow up

D.To clean and maintain the printing rollers in time

E.StrengthenPVCIncoming inspection of membranes, especially color

b.Color difference control for monochrome products:

A.Raw materials require high quality and stability

b.The processing process must be stable

C.Finished products to be inspected

D.Standard sample retention period not exceeding one year

2Flatness (thinner products are easier to appear to pave the wrong): easy to appear to pave the quality of the problem has

A.Big belly: Roller Three high two low, not high precision, resulting in three low products, so I buy takCountry roll. To pave the way for the machine to be used in the calender: Cross and bend and control the material to solve.

b.Lotus Leaf Edge: The principle of expansion and contraction, the membrane is too loose, rolled up without, the expansion will have.Blister heating device and iron ironing clothes a principle, can make the rubber flat.

3Printing effect: Easy to appear printing quality problems have

A.White spots (most of the domestic low-end products have white spots) the reason for white spots: The low end of raw materials,

More crystal points, printing is not clean, and formula, machine, health environment.

b.Huang, Hair point (ink is not uniform or too thick; the film is not smooth enough to use the printing surface bestARoller printing)

C.Off line: ink uneven or not clean

D.Wrong version (effect blurred)

E.Yin and Yang Noodles

4Light Mist: The higher the degree, the brighter. (Customer to version, first check the haze)

    Influencing factors: material, embossing, process (pressure, water temperature, etc.)

5) Scratch Resistance: The smoother the more scratch-resistant and embossed axis, the more coarse the more resistant to scraping. If you want to pressbIt's hard to do it. The higher the degree, the harder it is.

6) Weather Resistance: our choice of ink are6~8Grade, the film color materials are used in imported pigments, weatherability in terms of better than domestic products, indoor5Years will not change color. (White high light another meter)

PVC,Glass Transfer FilmandCeramic transfer FilmIn life can be used in a variety of occasions and a variety of materials on the object, the application of a wide range of technology mature.

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