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What is a transfer film? What is the product structure of the transfer film?
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What isTransfer filmTransfer filmProduct structure?

     Transfer filmIt is a kind of special film which can be transferred to another material under certain conditions with various patterns.

Transfer filmThe product structure

1PETMembrane2. Off-layer3. Pattern Layer (optionally)4. Back adhesive layer (according to material and process selection)

PETMembraneThere is light film and Matt, corresponding to the transfer of high light and Matt products.

Transfer filmThe hierarchical structure and production process

 1) Off-layer

    Generally in gravure printing mode inPETFilm on the printing. Thickness is generally3umOn the right.

    According to different transfer printing after the surface performance requirements and choose a different type of departure.As:

4#Off type The surface is hard and brittle, transfer after the pattern has a certain protective effect, affinity can be used for a variety of coating processing. But the flexibility is poor, not strong bending, and can not resist strong glue protective film.

A3Wax-Free After the transfer of the part of the film left on the paint layer, can effectively resist strong plastic protective film. But gloss and transparency less than4#, post-processing difficulties.

 2) Protective layer

      According to the need can be gravure printing can also be coated, thickness is also based on the requirements, generally less than20um

      Depending on the protective effect can be divided into:

      Anti-scratching and abrasion protection layer (After the transfer of the surface to achieve the effect of scraping and abrasion resistance)

      Antioxidant protective layer   (in aluminum, laser, metal before and after protection, slowing the role of oxidation)

      Barrier protective Layer   (mainly to obstruct the effect of external chemical (solvent) erosion)

 3) Pattern effect Layer

   According to the company's existing printing and coating methods combined to make a variety of pattern effects. Printing per layer3umOn the right, coating each layer10~20um.

     The performance of the ink body used by the company is as follows:

HSystem Ink Acrylic acid system, hard and crisp, good weather resistance, has now selected inorganic pigments greatly improve the degree of sun-resistant, reach8-Grade sun Resistance

CHSystem Ink Polyurethane system, good flexibility,PETGood adhesion and weathering resistanceHSystem。 Now the use of inorganic pigments has greatly improved the degree of sun resistance, to achieve8-Grade sun Resistance

  4) Back adhesive layer

      Generally printed in gravure mode at the end. The thickness is dependent on the roughness of the substrate being transferred, generally5~15 um

Back gum is mostly hot melt adhesive, is at room temperature for solids without stickiness and temperature reaches its melting point above the immediate performance of low viscosity fluidity good, the substrate has strong adhesive glue. Each hot melt adhesive has a specific adhesion and melting temperature.

The company commonly used gum as follows:

100Gel   Operating Temperature:150Applicable materials:PVCPS, Paper and other

L-06Gel  Operating Temperature:180Applicable materials: Paint surface,PVC, Acrylic and other

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