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Sun-resistant transfer printing film and paint-free transfer film has a comparison of ordinary thermal transfer film What is the characteristics?
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Sun-resistant Transfer printing filmandPaint-free transfer filmWhat are the characteristics of the comparison of ordinary thermal transfer film?

       Heat Transfer Printing filmIn the use of life and a wide range of metal, glass, porcelain is likely to use, for different use of the environment, need to add some special scenes to use the film, such asSun-resistant Transfer printing filmandPaint-free transfer film.

       Sun-resistant Transfer printing filmis in the original various types of film with the sun-resistant layer, so that the original film more suitable for outdoor or high-temperature environment.The surface is coated with protective layer, background layer, delamination layer and hot melt adhesive layer. By heating the high temperature silicon roll, the temperature and pressure are applied on the transfer foil, so that the decorative wood grain printing layer, surface protection layer, the formation of the transfer layer and polyethylene separation, transfer to the surface of wood-based panels or furniture components above, it formed a decorative surface graphics, and make its surface with wear-resistant, heat-resistant, light and other excellent performance, the pattern of novel beautiful, Tonal stability is a widely used decorative material.

Scope of application: hotel decoration, applied to line, frame, curtain rod, buckle board, all the products plastic, hardware, plastic, metal, wood, EVA, cloth and other toys designated flat, curved surface;

Thermal transfer printing is the pattern of pre-printed in the film surface, is actually refers to with the separation agent, protective coating and then the agent of the text, in the heating and pressure of the joint Action, graphics and text from the carrier film, firmly transfer attached to the substrate surface of the special function of the printing film. The complex thermal Transfer film comprises a pet film, a free layer, a protective layer, an ink layer, a coloring layer (including a curing agent) aluminized layer, an aluminum layer, a backing layer, etc. Generally used gravure printing, can also be used in screen printing, rotary printing or a variety of printing process combination. Hot stamping with good adhesion, strong cover, wear-resistant, good drying characteristics. Widely used in plastic products of the plane, curved surface, cylindrical surface, conical surface, multi-color printing can be completed once, less work, high efficiency, low cost, and no environmental pollution, but also can add laser and aluminum effect, is a creative innovation in commodity printing.

       Sun-resistant Transfer printing filmandPaint-free transfer filmare used in special environment products, compared to ordinary heat transfer printing film added special properties, customers can be based on their own use of targeted choice.

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