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How to use a good aluminum plate transfer film and metal transfer film?
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How to use goodAluminum Plate Transfer FilmandMetal transfer Film

       Aluminum PlateTransfer filmandMetal transfer FilmIn the daily use of very extensive, like our usual doors and windows, electrical appliances, home appliances can be used, but how to use this kind of film? Let the small weave to tell you:

With the continuous progress of printing production technology, metal thermal transfer film material has turned out, for the printing industry to bring a lot of convenience. So here are some of the advantages of the metal thermal transfer film:

The first metal thermal transfer film is different from other products in printing. This product in the printing process through constant heating and pressure need to transfer the required pictures to the surface of the genus, only the metal thermal transfer film and aluminum plate surface integration so as to prove the success of the product printing. The Heat transfer printing film is not so troublesome when printing. Just a few molds can be done simply.

The second metal thermal transfer film pattern and heat transfer printing film patterns are also different. Metal Thermal Transfer Film can print some colorful rich and complex patterns, but also print some with a gradient pattern, to meet the needs of consumers in any pattern, we can also clearly know through the pattern of metal heat transfer film quality is qualified.

The third and most important one is the speed, metal thermal transfer film in the use of metal thermal transfer machine printing, not only the requirements of the product layout, rich color, but also required in the transfer of a one-time molding. Can not have any mistakes, how not a successful words can not be a second time, so that the production of metal thermal transfer film specifications must be error can not be used.

Now you knowHow to useAluminum PlateTransfer filmandMetal transfer Film.

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