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The future development and trend of transfer printing film
Edit:Dongguan ZhuoYi printing products Co.,   UpDate:2018-01-18

      Transfer filmProduction technology to a deeper level of development, conventional thermal transfer film production process on the basis of a deeper development of a representative. Its emergence to the market has launched a better quality of the heat transfer film, and quickly occupy such supplies high-end market!

Heat Transfer Printing film decoration level to a higher degree of difficulty development, now provide a substrate to the transfer surface of different areas with different optical structure, so that the substrate surface part of the matte, part of the light transfer film, is the heat transfer film market to a higher level of decorative direction of the development of a representative. The transfer of heat transfer film has a new development, the application of thermal transfer film to metal, glass products to promote the transfer of new trends. It can be printed on the glass products on the gravure printing graphics and text, to solve the screen printing, plastic printing and other difficult to achieve the level of small dot print. This method can make baking temperature below 180 ℃, time only 10-15 minutes, improve efficiency.

Transfer film development to today, the product gradually from a single to a diversified. The production technology of independent intellectual property rights is constantly appearing, which promotes the production of heat transfer printing film to a deeper level and more difficult development, the use scope is further widened, and has many notable characteristics.

AsZhuo Art PrintingLi General said: In the near future, thermal transfer technology in the building decoration industry and other immature areas will be widely used! As the environmental printing of the promotion, Zhuo Art printing will also be in the environmental printing technology has more and more breakthroughs and the introduction of more comprehensive Environmental protection application Program!

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