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What is the difference between a thermal transfer film and a cold transfer film?
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What isHeat Transfer Printing film

Heat Transfer Printing filmIt is a kind of special film which can be transferred to another material under certain conditions with various patterns.

    Heat Transfer Printing filmThe process is through the Heat transfer film one-time heating, the thermal transfer on the decorative patterns on the surface of the decorative building materials, the formation of high-quality facial mask process. In the thermal transfer process, the use of heat and pressure of the joint role of the protective layer and pattern layer from the polyester substrate separation, hot melt adhesive to the entire decorative layer and the substrate permanently glued.

    Heat Transfer Printing filmis made of polyethylene film as a backing sheet with wood grain decorative layer. The surface is coated with protective layer, background layer, delamination layer and hot melt adhesive layer. By heating the high temperature silicon roll, the temperature and pressure are applied on the transfer foil, so that the decorative wood grain printing layer, surface protection layer, the formation of the transfer layer and polyethylene separation, transfer to the surface of wood-based panels or furniture components above, it formed a decorative surface graphics, and make its surface with wear-resistant, heat-resistant, light and other excellent performance, the pattern of novel beautiful, Tonal stability is a widely used decorative material.

Heat Transfer Printing filmAnd the cold transfer film What is the difference?


Cold film transfer printing is from the printing process, using the principle of molecular diffusion of the pattern (transfer film) transferred to the object,Heat Transfer Printing filmis through the thermal sol heat transfer printing or thermal transfer coating absorption sublimation ink to achieve transfer printing. Visible, thermal transfer needs to be achieved through the heating device, and the cold film transfer only need to use water; at the same time, the transfer of heat transfer pattern is usually left and right mirror inversion, and the cold film transfer is a positive diagram.

The difference between the two is actually very large. To print a cup for example, the use of heat transfer printing and cold film transfer can be achieved. The difference is that the heat transfer needs to be done with a baking cup machine, and the cup must be processed by thermal transfer coating, in shape, material, color, there are restrictions, and the cold film transfer Cup is unrestricted to the cup, without the aid of any special equipment.

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